Rovinj Wedding Photographer


For all of you who think it’s impossible – well, it is possible!! Most of you plan your wedding at the last detail. There are few of those who even decide to sail into marriage and who organise everything in just a month, two or three…But the question is: how many of you have organised it all in just a two or three days?? Would you dare to do something like that at all?
Meet Jhoanna and Alen who said their faithfully “I DO” in beautiful, sunbathed Rovinj. Besides them, their best men and the bridesmaid, there were three more guests, seven of them in total.
How to organise this kind of wedding? First, check the weather forecast, be sure that you’ll have a sunny weekend. Then, rent a villa for all of you to fit in (with a pool of course, it will be useful for sure). After you have a place to sleep at, book a date with a registar office, book a restaurant for a late lunch or you can have a take out or just order a delivery to your villa. For your ideas, only the sky is a limit. Now, when you have everything settled, all night party with your closest friends can start.
Maybe it is hard to describe it with words and that’s why we have a photos and a short video for you. Party was private just for them but we believe everyone enjoyed!!

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